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- by Ragnar on November 22. 2009



My name is Ragnar, and I write and draw the comics here at My goal with this site is to tell interesting, entertaining and touching tales, for and about gay men. Comics for the queer heart, if you will!

I’m from Iceland, but have been living in Norway for more than half my life. When I’m not drawing comics, which admittedly is most of the time, I’m busy working at Storm Studios, a VFX house in Oslo. I originally studied animation, but since I’m somewhat of a nerd, I’ve gradually moved towards more and more technical tasks, from animation, to character rigging, in-house software development and IT management. I have another page at with some of some open-source tools I’ve developed, along with [tutorials] on creating comics using open-source tools.

As you may have noticed, there is no ongoing comic-strip here, just a series of complete comics of varying style and length, published at very irregular intervals. What little time and energy I have between work, my boyfriend and friends and family, I try to spend working on new comics…that is if it’s not windy, in which case I’m out windsurfing. No wonder this site gets updated so rarely. I’ve published a short collection of some of my comics in book form, which you can purchase here, if you’re interested.

Feel free to send me feedback or questions.


– Ragnar B.