Status Update cover image

Status Update

I’ve moved some relevant blog posts from my old site, to here. They contain some early sketches for The Raft that I thought you might enjoy. . . .

Drawing on Open-Source cover image

Drawing on Open-Source

Open-source software is software where both the source code and the software itself is made available for free. It’s developed by a mix of individuals and companies, and anyone is free to extend, modify and generally improve on it, as long as they make their changes available to others. . . .

Homoerotic 3D Autostereograms cover image

Homoerotic 3D Autostereograms

Below are a few fun homoerotic autostereograms, or erotostereograms as I like to call them, that I made for the Skeive Kunstnere 2009 art exhibit. . . .