What People Have Been Saying About the Raft and Other Stories

I’ve been cleaning up this site lately, and getting rid of short articles that were just links to events or press related to my work. My comic book “The Raft and Other Stories”, came out almost 10 years ago, and I figured I would gather some of the press it received here, at least what can still be found online, rather than delete them entirely from my site.

François Peneaud posted a great review of “The Raft and Other Stories” over at his site, The Gay Comics List. Hop on over to his site and check it out.

Joe Palmer, of the Gay League, posted a great review of “The Raft and Other Stories“.

Blikk, a Norwegian LGBT magazine, published an interview with me on their site. If you can read Norwegian, head over to their site and have a look, if not you can always try Google Translate, though the resulting translation is somewhat mangled.

There is an interview with me on the popular Norwegian website Gaysir.no If you don’t speak Norwegian, you can always try running it through Google Translate.

by Ragnar B. - September 4. 2020 -