First Sketches of Nathan

I’ve been lazy as of late so there hasn’t been a post here for over two months. I’ve been working on a story for a new comic, so I haven’t been drawing much. I’ve also been playing around with my new computers and some new software. The drawing below is a sketch of Nathan, one of the characters in my upcoming comic. I just finished inking it in ToonBoom Express. It’s a software made for doing vector based 2D animation, but it works fine for doing static 2D drawing too.

Nathan Sketch

Below is an inked image of the same sketch I did in ComicWorks.

Nathan Inktest

And finally the original sketch I used for the inked images above. This I drew sometime last year with a pencil on good old fashion paper.

Nathan Pencil Sketch

I guess my new years resolution will have to be to post more sketches next year.

by Ragnar B. - December 28. 2005 -