Drawing Style and Design

Things have been moving forward lately with my comic. I just finished a rough sketch version of The Raft. It’s mainly for me to get the layout and framing in place, while ignoring all details. I’m not going to post any of that here, as most of those drawings are horrible…made for my eyes only. The good news is that I’ve begun some character design work and trying to figure out what drawing style to go with for the comics. It needs to both look nice and be something I can manage within a reasonable amount of time. Here are a few different things I’ve tried so far.

Two boys posing - ink drawing

This one is probably a bit too detailed and complex, it will be hard for me to keep this style up for 90+ pages without going insane.

Kicking soccer ball

Though I’m no fan of football/soccer, I kind of like this drawing style. I might go for something like this.

More like sinking

Here I experimented a bit with airbrush on the water in the background. I’m not really sure what I’ll use for shading; screen tones, airbrush, hatching or nothing. I’m going to be experimenting a bit more with it to try and figure out what I like best.

by Ragnar B. - October 14. 2006 -