Painting the Raft

I’ve been messing around with different techniques lately, looking into some alternative styles for my next comic.

The Raft - poser pencil sketch

First I sketched up Nathan, one of the characters for my next comic, posing on the deck of the raft.

The Raft -poser painted in ArtRage

Then I tried painting it in Art Rage 2…and inking it in Comic Works.

The Raft - poser inked in ComicWorks

I painted it on my iBook, and when I opened up the image on my Windows box the colors came out much stronger than I had expected. It’s near impossible to make sure your colors turn out correctly on other peoples computer screen anyway, so I just left it as it was.

On to something completely different. The film Free Jimmy, that I’ve spent around five or so years working, will premiere in Norway on April 21st. If you’re in Norway, go see it! Release dates outside Norway have not been set, but I’m hoping it will find it’s way to a cinema near you, wherever in the world you are. [Testing Something]

by Ragnar B. - April 9. 2006 -