Homoerotic Hedgewars

While looking for some fun games for my Ubuntu machine, I came across this little gem. It’s called Hedgewars, and is basically an open-source variant of Worms. It’s most fun when played with a friend, where you can happily blow each other up with a variety of creative weapons.

After playing it for a while, I began looking into how the maps were made, and found out that they were simply pictures with transparency. So I set to work on some of my own, first I made this Graveyard map, but then figured’why the heck not make a queer one. So I made this one.

Physique Pictorial Hedgewars map

The pose is from an old issue of Physique Pictorial, while the image itself was drawn using Inkscape. To install the map, you simply unzip the files in Hedgewar’s Data/Maps directory (on Linux that would be /usr/share/games/hedgewars/Data/Maps/, on Mac right click the Hedgwars application, and choose show content, then find the folder, on Windows I’m guessing it’s in your Program Files/Hedgewars folder’but I’m not sure). I hope you like it.

Now I need to get back to drawing comics. ­čÖé

by Ragnar B. - April 13. 2010 -